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Erik Paluka, M.Sc. in Computer Science

Human-Computer Interaction & Information Visualization

Web-based Visualization System for Analyzing Logged Spatial Interaction Data

January 2015 – April 2015

Technologies: D3.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Processing, Leap Motion

SpatialVis: Visualization of Spatial Gesture Interaction Logs
Erik Paluka, Christopher Collins
Logging Interactive Visualizations & Visualizing Interaction Logs Workshop
at the IEEE VIS 2016 Research Conference

A common practice in interface design and development is to log the associated input and event data for future analysis to help refine the design and fix software bugs. Most often, this data is textual which makes it difficult to analyze. To mitigate this problem, I developed a web-based application that takes this information and visualizes it for the analyst. Specifically designed for spatial interaction data, also known as mid-air gestures, the application temporally and positionally visualizes event and 3D interaction data over a video screen capture of the associated display to see their effects on the graphical user interface.

Gesture & Event Visualizations, Heatmaps, Interaction Graphs + Brushing & Linking, Saving & Loading Visualization States, Video Timeline, User Annotation, etc.

Web Application


University of Ontario Institute of Technology vialab research group