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Mouse Glove Input Device

March 2014

For fun, I took apart an optical mouse and created my own "Mouse Glove" input device. It allows the user to control their computer using finger taps or pinches, as well as the movement of the hand on a surface. As you can see from the hot glue in the pictures, it is only a prototype.

Picture of the Mouse Glove

To make it, the first step was to take out the printed circuit board (PCB) from the mouse and detach the mouse buttons and battery contacts. I then soldered 22AWG electrical wire to each of them, and soldered the ends of each wire to their correct locations on the PCB.

For the glove, I cut a large square in its palm, as well as one small square in two of the fingers. The PCB with the optical sensor was placed in the large hole and hot glued to the actual glove. The mouse buttons were then fed through the glove up to the tip of their respective finger, and hot glued in place. Finally, I cut out the battery holder from the original mouse casing, hot glued the battery contacts to their original position in the battery holder, and then hot glued the battery holder to the back of the glove.

Picture of the Mouse Glove

The glove that I used actually had two fabric layers, for which I placed the electrical components (PCB, wires, etc.) within. This prevented the user's hand from coming into direct contact with those components, therefore allowing for a safer and more comfortable experience. After putting a AA battery and inserting the wireless USB into my laptop, I was able to control my computer in a fun new way.